Would be protected from the sun anytime and anywhere ???

" Protect Your buildings and Vehicles immediately with REFLECTO "

Lowering the room temperature without electrical by reflecting the sun Prove It Here

Energy saving reduces electrical costs of consumption the AC Learn More

How Reflecto can protect BUILDING AND YOUR VEHICLE from the hot sun ????

Because of REFLECTO using Technology :

1. Heat Reflection with Nano Ceramic Technology

Reflecto using Nano Ceramic technology from Japan that is able to dissipate heat quickly, or have a high Emmisivity trait.
"Please watch our video"

2. Super Heat Reflection Colour Pigment (SRI)

The structure of the Pigment colors used reflecto different from pigment color common. REFLECTO proved by lab Test TUV of Germany, according to TUV of Germany in white color gives the SRI (SOLAR REFLECTANCE INDEX) a maximum of 100, while the results of SRI (SOLAR REFLECTANCE INDEX) Reflecto is 104.36. We designed all the colors, not to Glare but to reflect the heat of the Sun (Reflection heat of the Sun).


It's been proven through Lab Tes in Germany, Reflecto do not contain dangerous chemical substances. Prove with certificates have been obtained by REFLECTO below

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REFLECTO was proved by following the Lab Test at ITB, Reflecto serves as Sound Proofing up to STC 22

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The difference in temperature between the walls with Reflecto and without Reflecto Note the video below

See comparison of REFLECTO with bubble insulation cell Watch video below

REFLECTO can also be Applied On Glass see more via video below


What They Say, Which Is Already Using REFLECTO

" Reflecto warranty a drop in temperature and money-back guarantee "

Our Solution For Your Building :



Protecting Your Home 365 days of the year. Reduce the temperature up to 15'C, Prevent Cracks Cracks Hair and Thermal Expansion and certainly prevent leaking

Money-back guarantee if the temperature doesn't go down min 8'C.

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Capable of reducing the surface temperature up to 27'C, Mute rain and to prevent rust and Galvalum leaked  

Money-back guarantee if the temperature doesn't go down 12'C.

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For the House overlooking the East and the West always feels the heat by sunlight.Now the Heat problems will disappear with Reflecto COOL PAINT. In addition to lower the temperature, your house will look more luxurious because there will be less shiny beads.

A decrease in temperature ranges between 6-8 'C, depending on the color to be selected.  

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Easy and fast solution to repair cracks in your building

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Our Solution To Your Glass In Buildings :


Make room much cooler is able to reduce temperature s / d 12 Degrees Celsius and Save Electricity from the consumption of AC s / d 414 W / m because rejecting 73% of heat sun coming through the glass and did not make the room become dark.

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FREE !!! Window film , If you get a window film with better performance of the RFI

* pricelist comparable

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